5 Items to Bring to the Beach

5 Items to Bring to the Beach

Southern Delaware is home to an array of gorgeous sandy beaches stretching along the East Coast. Among the sunshine and golden sands await attractions, amusements and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Items to bring to the beach


The Delaware beaches are the perfect place for a fun family day out. Grab the kids, pack your bags — but don’t forget a few key items that will make your trip extra special. In this article, find out how to make the most of your beach trip to Southern Delaware. Discover where to go and what to bring for the ultimate family vacation.

The Delaware Beaches

Delaware beaches are a popular tourist destination

Three of the most popular beaches in Southern Delaware are Rehoboth Beach, Lewes Beach and Bethany Beach. 

Rehoboth Beach

At the heart of Southern Delaware is Rehoboth Beach. This gorgeous sandy beach features a mile-long boardwalk packed with amusements and activities. Discover hidden gems, such as Funland, an amusement park with twenty thrilling rides and a ton of carnival-style games. You’ll also find live performances across the boardwalk throughout the year — all fun, all free. 

Lewes Beach

There’s nowhere quite like the breathtaking Lewes beach. A charming little spot, Lewes Beach is the perfect destination for a hot summer’s day. The water at Lewes Beach is tranquil and calm. There are no waves, making it ideal for children and for partaking in various watersports and activities. Or simply relax on the warm sands and soak up Delaware’s stunning scenery.

Bethany Beach

Breathe in the fresh ocean air at Bethany Beach. A quiet coastal spot, Bethany Beach is known for its wide boardwalk and soft sands. Along the beach you’ll find a selection of sleepy shops and restaurants. Stroll down the boardwalk to stretch your legs, or snap a selfie with the Chief Little Owl, the totem pole that keeps watch over the beach.

What to Bring

Sitting and reading a book by the beach

Don’t forget these five key items when packing for your trip. 


While there’s nothing quite like feeling the sun on your skin, you don’t want your trip to be cut short with a painful sunburn. Sunscreen should be the first item in any beach bag. It will protect your skin and ensure you and your family stay safe.

Snorkel and goggles

Take your beach trip to new depths by bringing a snorkel and goggles. This combo will allow you and your family to explore beneath the surface of the ocean. Keep an eye out for colorful wildlife in its natural habitat.

A good book

Nothing says relaxation like settling down on the beach with a good book. Choose your favorite and indulge yourself for an hour or two. Open up the beach umbrella for a bit of shade and grab a cold drink to keep by your side. 

Bathing suit

Pack your bathing suit for a quick dip in the ocean or bay. The water at Lewes Beach is particularly gentle, making it  perfect to wade with small children. 

Beach ball

An inflatable beach ball is the perfect way to keep the family entertained. Play catch, have a round of volleyball or get creative with your own family games. 


Enjoying the gorgeous beaches is just one of the activities you can do in the exciting area of Southern Delaware. With Delawonder, you can plan your perfect family vacation in the country’s first ever state. Go biking along the winding trails, catch a glimpse of rare wildlife or relax on the beach and take in the view. The choice is up to you.


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