Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has long been an American staple and their grocery stores can be found across the country. However, there’s still one place it hasn’t touched — Rehoboth Beach! We at Delawonder are hoping to convince Trader Joe’s to open in this beautiful area of Southern Delaware.

And to do it, we need your help. 

We need everyone to send a request to Trader Joe’s to open a store in Rehoboth Beach. Simply fill out this form,send and voilà.

About Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is more than just a grocery store. When you walk through their doors, you’re welcomed by tiki-themed décor and countless unique items that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Their commitment to quality and affordability makes every shopping trip an exciting adventure.

Above all, Trader Joe’s cultivates a sense of community, where every crew member goes the extra mile to make your visit special.

Benefits of a Trader Joe’s In Rehoboth Beach

  • Economic Boost: Welcoming a Trader Joe’s means more job opportunities and an economic upswing for local residents.
  • Unique Products: No more traveling hours to get your hands on Trader Joe’s one-of-a-kind items. Think of their famous Everything But The Bagel Seasoning!
  • Community Building: Their stores often become a central spot for locals – a place to meet, shop, and share stories. 
  • Affordable Organics: Many families are choosing organic, but it can be pricey. Trader Joe’s offers a vast selection of organic products at unbeatable prices.
  • Tourist Magnet: With its reputation, Trader Joe’s will not just serve locals but will also attract visitors, adding to the area’s appeal.

How To Request A Trader Joe’s In Rehoboth Beach

We have the power to bring Trader Joe’s closer to Rehoboth Beach. 

All you need to do is fill out this simple formand express why you’d love to have a Trader Joe’s nearby. Every request counts. Let’s make it happen!

Ready to welcome Trader Joe’s to Rehoboth Beach? Request a Trader Joe’s store in our area now!

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