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Bike Safety

Your Guide to Safe Riding

The Junction & Breakwater Trail welcomes pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Especially during the summer months, the trail’s popularity leads to numerous opportunities for demonstrating proper cycling safety. As you may imagine, trail cycling requires its own unique etiquette.

Below, you will find links to both state and national cycling safety resources, including statistics and graphics which explain the importance of knowing the law, employing proper hand signals, and wearing a helmet. Enjoy the trail safely—you will be glad you did!

Delaware’s Cycling Laws

The State of Delaware offers a comprehensive law code to ensure the safety of its local and visiting cyclists. Click here to read the law code in its entirety.

For an abridged and illustrated summary of Delaware’s cycling regulations, read this helpful brochure. Be sure to know the law before you ride!

Hand signals while cycling

Hand signal requirements are not just a Delaware rule. Indeed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided this infographic to highlight the importance and applicability of proper hand signalling.

Wear a helmet

Many people underestimate the importance of helmet usage in maximizing cycling safety, as this article shows. Fortunately, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute has aggregated these comprehensive cycling safety statistics from around the nation. Data include bicycle fatality rates vis-à-vis helmet usage as well as an exposition of the most hazardous settings and conditions for cycling.

In conclusion, our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the Junction & Breakwater Trail in the safest and most responsible manner possible. Know the law, use proper hand signals, and always, ALWAYS, wear a helmet!

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