The Seasons and

Our Climate

Weather & Climate of Southern Delaware

Winter in Southern DE


  • December to March (temperatures range from 20s to 50s)

What’s it’s like

  • Typically not much snow, some rain and sleet, relatively mild
  • Low humidity, with colder temperatures inland than near the coast
  • Windy near the end of winter, with migrating birds and budding flowers

Expectations of a typical winter day

  • Shorter days, gray skies with some sun, wear layers

Average volume of visitors

  • Lower-than-average, especially at the beach

Spring in Southern DE


  • March to June (temperatures range from 30s to 80s)

What’s it’s like

  • Rare snow and increasing rain, with thunderstorms late in the season
  • Freezing and thawing early on, consistently pleasant by May
  • Ideal for outdoor exploration—horseshoe crabs begin to line the shore

Expectations of a typical spring day

  • Increased sunshine and warmer, longer days, carry a raincoat

Average volume of visitors

  • Increased tourism, though beach conditions vary

Summer in Southern DE


  • June to September (temperatures range from 60s to 90s)

What’s it’s like

  • Increased precipitation and humidity, thunderstorms abound
  • Long days and lots of sunshine, perfect for outdoor recreation
  • Late summer days grow mild and partly cloudy, rain continues

Expectations of a typical summer day

  • Sunny, hot, and humid, wear sunscreen

Average volume of visitors

  • Maximum volume – beaches and towns at full capacity

Fall in Southern DE


  • September to December (temperatures range from 70s to 30s)

What’s it’s like

  • Comfortable, with mild temperatures becoming crisp late in the season
  • Lower humidity, less sunshine, very small chance of snow
  • Fall festivals abound, enjoy changing leaves and gentle breezes

Expectations of a typical fall day

  • Cool, cloudy, and cozy, consider a jacket or sweater

Average volume of visitors

  • Dwindling crowds, though beach conditions remain fair


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