A Visitor’s Guide to Southern Delaware

Explore the Beautiful Region of Southern Delaware

Welcome to Southern Delaware, a hub for relaxation, adventure and fun! This visitor’s guide details all the amazing things to see and do in the nation’s oldest state. 

So whether you’re a tourist or visitor, history buff or foodie, there’s something for everyone in the beautiful region of Southern Delaware.

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History of Delaware

As the first recognized state in the US, Delaware is packed full of rich history. It was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution all the way back in 1787, and it has gone through multiple transformations in the following two and a half centuries. While the Delaware of today is buzzing with contemporary attractions, art and nightlife, it still retains much of its historic roots.

Soak up Delaware’s rich history in its various museums and historic landmarks:

  • Tower 7: the Observatory
  • Fort Miles Museum and Historical Area
  • Lewes History Museum
  • Lightship Overfalls
  • The Zwaanendael Museum
  • Cannonball House
  • Ryves Holt House
  • 1812 Memorial Park

Find out more information about Southern Delaware’s historical sites on our website.

What is Delaware Famous For?

Delaware is nicknamed ‘the first state’, because it was the first of the U.S states to ratify the constitution. It has recently risen in prominence due to being the home state of incumbent President, Joe Biden. 

But Delaware is famous for many things beyond politics, including:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Relaxed tax laws
  • High volume of companies operating
  • Historical landmarks

Delaware comprises three distinct regions, each with its own character and charm. Southern Delaware is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and scenic landscapes, as well as the variety of historic sites ready to be discovered. Rehoboth Beach is a popular destination among tourists. With exhilarating rides, dazzling live shows and breathtaking views, Rehoboth showcases Southern Delaware in all its glory.

What to do in Southern Delaware

Delaware is the second-smallest state, but is packed full of sites and attractions. At only 6,446km², Delaware is easy to travel around, meaning you can experience more of Delaware in a shorter space of time.

There’s so much to see and do in Southern Delaware. Where will you go next?


Rehoboth Beach

At the heart of Southern Delaware is Rehoboth Beach, a hub of natural beauty and buzzing amusements. The iconic boardwalk stretches a mile long and is teeming with activities for all the family. Discover hidden gems as you venture through the various shops, amusements and events. Rehoboth Beach is home to Funland, an amusement park with twenty thrilling rides. Live performances can be found across the boardwalk throughout the year — all fun, all free. 

Lewes Beach

Relax and unwind on the golden sands of Lewes Beach. A charming little spot, Lewes Beach is the perfect destination for a hot summer’s day. What makes this beach special is that there are no waves, meaning the water is calm throughout the year. These conditions make it ideal for safe and controlled swimming, and many other water-based activities. If you’re not a fan of the water, you can get comfortable on the warm sands and soak up Delaware’s breathtaking scenery.

Bethany Beach

Breathe in that fresh ocean air. Bethany is a quiet coastal spot known for its wide, boardwalk-backed beach. Perfect for those wanting to escape the hum of city life, Bethany Beach is a tranquil retreat combining picturesque shores with sleepy shops and restaurants. Stroll down the boardwalk to stretch your legs, or snap a selfie with the Chief Little Owl, the totem pole that keeps watch over the beach.

Bike Trails in Southern Delaware

The Lewes Rehoboth Bike Trail

Junction & Breakwater Trail

Taking its name from the former Penn Central Rail Line that stretched between Lewes and Rehoboth in the 19th century, the Junction & Breakwater Trail is a scenic route loved by hikers and cyclists alike. The paths wind through enchanting forests, immense fields and coastal marshes.

Gordon Pond Trail

The Gordon Pond Trail is a gravel-path trail stretching 10km along the western side of Gordon’s Pond, a beautiful 900-acre saltwater lagoon. Winding through forests, marshes and dunes, hikers and cyclists are treated to an array of picturesque settings along their journey. The Gordon Pond Trail is also a favourite among bird watchers who hope to catch a glimpse of the exotic waterfowl that cross the area each year.

Swamp Adventure Trail

The Swamp Adventure Trail is known to be haunted and should only be hiked by the bravest of souls. Those who dare tackle the trail might hear the cries and wails of the dead — or so the legend goes. Winding through enchanted forests and gloomy swamps, this adventure trail is not for the faint hearted. Do you dare?


The Historic Lewes Farmers Market

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Lewes, the Historic Lewes Farmers Market is a community-based market filled with an assortment of meat, eggs, fish, baked goods and herbs. In addition to all the tasty food available to buy, visitors can take part in workshops run by local chefs, master gardeners and sustainable agriculture experts.

Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

Find local produce, baked goods and live music at the much-loved Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market. There are many friendly vendors offering the area’s best local produce. Soak up the convivial atmosphere and sample some of the great food and drink on offer. 

Other popular markets include:

Cafes and Restaurants in Southern Delaware


The Station on Kings

More than just a café, The Station on Kings also features a bakery, home & garden shop and coffee bar. The unique spot is loved for its selection of pastries, which are available to eat in the café, on the patio or to take away. With the pastry case updated regularly, guests can enjoy a new sweet treat on every visit.

The Point Coffee Shop & Bakery

Start your day off right with fresh, roasted coffee. Using only the highest-quality beans, The Point Coffee Shop offers delicious coffee made just the way you like it. Choose from espressos, lattes, frappes, iced coffees and cappuccinos. The Point sources a variety of Certified Organic and Fair Trade products, plus operates a bakery packed full of tasty baked goods.

Other popular cafes include:

Bars and Restaurants

The Pig and Publican

This casual eatery offers upscale cuisine at an affordable price. Discover the restaurant’s unique menu, full of interesting and wonderful dishes with a nod to Belgian influences. The bar also features a range of craft beers, perfect after a fun day out on the trails.

Harvest Tide Steakhouse

Harvest Tide Steakhouse offers fine dining by the beach. Their menu features a selection of the finest cuts of meats and a diverse wine list.

Other popular bars and restaurants include:

Rental in Southern Delaware

Why Should I Visit Southern Delaware?


Southern Delaware has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in the bike trails, parks, nature reserves, museums, beaches, shops, or restaurants, you can experience it all in the Diamond State. Discover and explore all that Southern Delaware has to offer.


The weather in Delaware is pleasant in summer and mild in winter. Summer days are lovely and warm, while the evenings are comfortably cool, too. Visit in winter to experience the magic of a Delaware Christmas. You might even catch a few flurries of snow between December and March. Learn more about the weather in Southern Delaware.


Southern Delaware is home to a variety of exotic creatures. From white-tailed deer to the Eastern Hognose Snake, what will you spot on your trip to Southern Delaware? Find out what else you can spot in Southern Delaware.

Great locations to stay

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