6 Things for Couples to Do in Rehoboth Beach

6 Things for Couples to Do in Rehoboth Beach

6 Things for Couples to Do in Rehoboth Beach-01

Hey there, lovebirds. Planning a romantic getaway to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware? You’re in for a treat! This beach town is not just about the sun and sand — it’s a treasure trove of experiences perfect for creating those special moments. 

Here are 16 must-do activities for you and your significant other.

1. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

Picture this: You and your partner, hand in hand, strolling down the iconic Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. You’ll journey through lively cafes, cute shops, and the mesmerizing ocean view. Perfect for those who love a bit of buzz along with their romance.

2. Bethany Beach Boardwalk

Craving something a bit more low-key? Bethany Beach Boardwalk is your spot. It’s like Rehoboth’s chill cousin – less crowded but equally charming. Enjoy quiet walks where you can actually hear each other’s voice and laughter.

3. Cape Water Tours & Taxi

Fancy a little adventure on the water? Cape Water Tours & Taxi offers magical boat rides. Whether it’s watching dolphins play or simply enjoying the tranquil waters, it’s a perfect way to add a splash of excitement to your day.

4. Enjoy the Scenery at Gordons Pond

Nature lovers, you’ll adore Gordons Pond. It’s a peaceful retreat where you can walk, talk, and just enjoy each other’s company amid nature’s beauty. 

5. Have a Romantic Picnic on Rehoboth Beach

What’s more romantic than a beach picnic? Find your spot on Rehoboth Beach, lay out a blanket, and open a bottle of your favorite wine. As the sun sets, let the colors of the sky paint your perfect evening.

6. Delaware Seashore State Park

For the adventurous duos, Delaware Seashore State Park is a must-visit. It’s a beautiful blend of beaches and nature. Enjoy long walks, bird watching, and just soaking in the beauty of unspoiled nature together.

7. Clear Space Theatre

Are you and your partner into the arts? Clear Space Theatre offers a range of performances that will surely add a touch of drama and excitement to your night. It’s a great way to enjoy some culture together.

8. Silver Lake

For a tranquil escape, visit Silver Lake. Whether you’re bird-watching or just enjoying the serene views, it’s a spot where you can truly connect and appreciate nature’s beauty in each other’s company.

9. Indian River Marina

How about a little nautical adventure? Indian River Marina offers opportunities for fishing, boating, or just enjoying the water. 

10. One Spirit Massage Studio

Relax and unwind with a couple’s massage at One Spirit Massage Studio. It’s the perfect way to soothe away any stress and enjoy some peaceful, pampering moments together.

11. The Spa At The Bellmoor

Speaking of relaxation, The Spa at The Bellmoor is another haven for couples. Indulge in luxurious treatments and let the world drift away as you enjoy some tranquil time together.

12. Avenue Apothecary & Spa

For a unique spa experience, check out Avenue Apothecary & Spa. It’s all about natural and organic treatments, perfect for the couple who loves to be pampered with the best that nature offers.

13. Movies at Midway

Fancy a movie date? Movies at Midway offers a great selection for a cozy, casual night out. Grab some popcorn, snuggle up, and enjoy the show!

14. Conch Island Key West Bar and Grill

Conch Island Key West Bar and Grill is the place for lively music, delicious food, and a great atmosphere. It’s a fantastic spot to let loose and have some fun together.

15. Delmarva Discovery Tours

Explore the area with Delmarva Discovery Tours, whether it’s a wine tour, a culinary adventure, or exploring local landmarks.

16. Dogfish Head Brew Pub Tour

And lastly, for the craft beer enthusiasts, the Dogfish Head Brew Pub Tour is a must. Explore the art of brewing, taste some unique beers, and toast to your wonderful time together at Rehoboth Beach.


Ready to create unforgettable memories with your significant other at Rehoboth Beach? From romantic strolls on the boardwalk to exciting adventures on the water, this charming beach town is waiting for you. 

Plan your romantic getaway to Rehoboth Beach now and dive into a world of love, laughter, and lasting memories. Visit Delawonder to start planning your trip.

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